Gibberish Intro

I started this blog based on two things…Inspiration from @Richvans fascinating blog documenting his delve into Lutheran & misc other blogs by people that should b used to cure insomnia. 

 I doubt my (i mean ‘i know’) my blog wont be as good as @RichVans, but hey y not clear my head. 

 Before I get started spewing typos, maybe offending some, etc. You will not need a dictionary or to google theological terms. (If u need this pls refer to @unPuritan & @Chrisokogwu twitter feed: great knowledge & very deep brethen)

ALAS… My Blog Starts…..

 I was recently Baptized. I know many are creao or peado etc…but my story is very unique, because I THOUGHT I WAS ALREADY BAPTIZED!!!!

 October 20, 2013 is the date of my Baptism. Before i get the side-eye, elder church goer’s look of judgement…hear me out. I didn’t just hear about Jesus or trinity last yr. i was raised in a church based family (Baptist & Non-denom). Went to a Catholic high school (yes the evil empire the R.C.C). 

Sorry to inform some but most non-denom aren’t too deep in theology. So needless to say I was taught Baptism is “Profession of Faith”. Yea thats it…

 Early in 2013, I decided I am going to stop procrastinating & fulfill a new years resolution from yrs before to read the whole Bible. With no bible study teacher dictating my opinion as if he is St. Augustine or Spurgeon.  Needless to say I started noticing a prominent role of Baptism in the bible. & not once did I ever read:

 “Hey Peter…check this out! I am ready to show God that I’m ready! Show Him it’s real…where dat pond at

 Or for my KJV only ppl

 “Alas Peter…gaze thou peepers on this. Thou art ready to perform a duty to proclaim my loyalty to YHWH


And then I read about examples of Baptism that are not in a group setting (Acts 2:33). This totally altered my view of Baptism being “a public profession of faith to God”. 

 While reading Bible, I started to learn about the reason behind different denoms. And I was shocked to learn that a child of a believer is regulated to the same status of the child of an heathen infidel. Then it clicks…man was I baptized!!! What!?!?!? This cant be…

 So I proceed with 007, Dick Tracy-esque type research. I call my mother, she acts as if it was a Baptism. She gives me name of Church and said call them…the result…”no we don’t Baptize baby, but we will do a 5yr old.” A 5yr cant choose their own bedtime, BUT u acknowledge this as a valid decision?!?!? Nevermind, i digress. I called my Baptist grandmother & heard the truth that only an elder will say, “No u weren’t Baptized…a baby cant profess nothing. They did something but it wasn’t a baptism”

 At this moment in time my brain hurts! Im mad that family near had that talk if “well son…u need to get it that Water & display your Faith to God & our church friends” & I feel kind of lost. So I delve into the word & acknowledge that Baptism is what God says it is…

1 Peter 3:20-21

Acts 2:37-39

Titus 3:4-5

Gal 3:26-29

 To be honest…once baptized the sky didn’t split, I didn’t see angels dancing or doing Bethel Fire Tunnels….i didn’t start speaking in tongues (but i was gifted to type in tongues) bingey, bongey, sho hock may…i havent learned to translate it yet..but feel free to help

 To put my trust & faith in Gods promises…is a great feeling. I believe that what God says will b done…will b done! Faith isnt always seeing, touching, or feeling…but to jus believe & accept.  Its truly a beaitful thing.  One more interesting thing…. I choose to get Baptized at a Lutehran church, even tho…I am not a part of the Lutehran Denom.  But will save that for a different day.